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Jazz N Taps DanceTeam

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2018 Team Auditions May 14-18

Please email dance@jazzntaps.com for audition schedule

Click to Email
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JNT Team dancers are 7-18 years old and take several classes per week including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip-hop, Musical Theater and Lyrical.


The JNT Dance Team classes begin in mid-July and end in June after the annual recitals.

Performance Opportunities:

The JNT Dance Team performs in several dance competitions, the JNT Team Show, and 3 Jazz N Taps Recitals each year. The team has the opportunity to participate in the annual Pleasanton Holiday Parade and has performed many times at Disneyland.  Jazz n Taps has hosted many 24 hour dance marathons over the years.  The JNT Team dancers put their passion for dance to good use by raising funds for several charities.

Dance Competitions:

Our solid reputation for quality reflects our attitude toward competition and our goal to develop in each student a genuine respect for dance as an art form. With the right focus, the experience gained in competition can be an excellent source of self-confidence. If the dancers feel good about a performance and understand that they become better each time they go onstage then they are truly growing through the competitive experience.