About Jazz N Taps

Our Story

Jazz N Taps opened in July of 1991. Jazz N Taps co-owners Sherri Sweetnam and Jennifer Buros, have grown the studio to over 300 students learning tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop, acrobatics, and musical theater at all levels.

While Jazz N Taps provides opportunities for intensive dancers on our competitive teams, we also focus on providing a fun, developmental program for dancers of all ages and abilities. We believe dance can and should be an integral part of our students growth as people.

What We Value

Family   Environment

We focus on creating an environment where friendships can be made and grown while learning to love dance.

Hometown   Studio

Jazz n Taps dance studio was founded over 25 years ago. The studio remains a mainstay in the Pleasanton community with Sherri and Daughter Jennifer leading a faculty full of former Jazz n Taps Dancers.

Life's   a stage

Jazz n Taps takes a holistic approach to dance training by teaching our dancers how to engage an audience, make healthy lifestyle choices, and have the confidence to succeed on and off the stage.

A Passion   for Dance

At the heart of Jazz n Taps is a passion for teaching and performing dance. Whether jazz, tap, ballet, modern, Hip-Hop, and musical theater, we strive to have our dancer’s passion for dance bring joy to themselves and their audience.

Lifetime   of Fun

At Jazz n Taps the dance experience begins and ends with fun. Learning to Dance and eventually perform will be a fun experience for all our dancers. Unlike many activities dance can be a lifelong pursuit passed from generation to generation as it has been at our studio. We like to say, “When in doubt, dance it out!”